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Accounting & Assurance

Financial Reporting

Reviews, Audits, and Compilations (Notice to Reader)

There is more to accounting than data entry. With the knowledge and experience at Rozek & Associates, we not only compile financial statements and reports, but provide value through insight and constructive advice on the performance of your operations.

Our services include

Integrated Bookkeeping
Integrated Bookkeeping Services range from data entry, G.S.T. remittances, and Payroll Services including payroll preparation, payroll remittances, and year-end reporting slips for your staff and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Financial Statement Preparation
At Rozek & Associates, we're knowledgeable and experienced with Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise (ASPE) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We take your books and prepare accurate interim and year-end financial statements in compliance with stakeholder requirements.

Financial Analysis
Financial Statements are more than just numbers on a page, they tell a story. Our knowledge and experience highlights your financial performance, what your business is doing well and what processes and strategies in your business can be enhanced to improve the performance of your assets.

When your stakeholders require assurance over your financial statements, Rozek & Associates provides various levels of assurance: Audit, Review, and Compilations / Notice To Reader (NTRs)

Custom Reports
Various business have different needs. As some organizations do not have the capacity to prepare the reports they require, Rozek & Associates provides quality reports catered to your needs.

For a free consultation, contact us. We're happy to answer your questions.

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